Jessica Simpson nipple slip

As if paradng her cameltoe is not enough, Jessica Simpson now flashes a nipple. Well, almost.

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Jessica Simpson nipple slip

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12 Responses to “Jessica Simpson nipple slip”

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  2. Tony Romo says:

    Enjoyed them on our vacation in Mexico!

  3. One Grind says:

    She did that on purpose.

  4. [...] Another minor Jessica Simpson nipple slip… It’s more of an erect nipple but what the heck. [...]

  5. [...] photo? The important bit is that the photographer siezed the moment. Jessica Simpson cameltoes or nipslips are hard to come [...]

  6. [...] Bonus: Jessica Simpson nipple slip. [...]

  7. [...] A subtle nipple slip is a nipple slip nonetheless. We got both sisters nipslipping: Ashley and Jessica. [...]

  8. [...] Jessica Simpson has had a nose job, chin job, lip job, breast augmentation,…. I’m not sure, but  think she puts new dosage of botox injections for her forehead. [...]

  9. [...] since Jessica Simpson put a few (!) extra pounds, I’ve stopped posting her cameltoe photos. But this one begs to be [...]

  10. Thanks for that news, coming back soon

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