Jennifer Connelly big breasts gone

Jennifer Connelly has reportedly undergone breast reduction surgery. Some say she removed the implants she’s had for the last twenty years. Oh well, it’s a sad story either way.

Here’s an “In Memoriam” … amazing video of Jennifer Connelly, with Cindi Lauper’s version of the song (much better).

Jennifer Connelly breasts

Jennifer Connelly see through

Jennifer Connelly topless underwater

Jennifer Connelly shows a lot of skin in her movies – I guess she has very little to hide. Putting her breasts underwater adds another dimension to her incredibly sexy body.

I need help on the movie title though. Anyone know which movie this is? I’ve been plowing through IMDB with little luck. It looks like an early one but it’s not Career Opportunities or the Hot Spot.

jennifer connelly topless underwater

Update: The same scene (same movie) has Jennifer Connelly wet pubes too.

Jennifer Connelly topless video

I’ve posted images of Jennifer Connelly topless before but this is the actual video where it all happens. Hint: get “The Hot Spot” on DVD :)

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Jennifer Connelly topless

Jennifer Connelly recently celebrated her 37 birthday. Was she sexier 15 years ago or is she sexier now?

THEN and… (See the whole topless video)
Jennifer Connelly topless

Jennifer Connelly see through

Update: Jennifer Connelly has reportedly undergone breast reduction surgery. Say goodby to her big breasts :(

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Jennifer Connelly back in the day

Jennifer Connelly has lost some weight and she looks fine, no doubt about it.

Rewind some 16 years back to and you get to 1991 and Career Opportunities. Check out the video too!

Jennifer Connelly breasts