Kate Upton see-through nipples

Kate Upton has a movie (almost) out – The Other Woman! In the trailer, Cameron Diaz calls her “the boobs” and with good reason.

Kate Upton see-through nipples wet shirt

Kate Upton topless (GIF)

Kate Upton is topless on a horse, now that’s something we haven’t seen before.

The video comes courtesy of TMZ. It looks real enough to me – it’s Kate Upton on that horse!

Kate Upton topless on a horse

Kate Upton nip slip

Kate Upton is posing in her big breasts in bikini again but who could blame her. This is the thing that sells magazines!

Thanks to gravity, we get a tasty little nip slip from Kate. Strange, I’ve always thought her nipples will be on the pink side and perhaps smaller.

kate uptons nip slip

Kate Upton hard nipple

It was like yesterday, when we got a Kate Upton’s nipple slip, courtesy of our friends at Sports Illustrated.

Today, we can verify the photoshoot indeed took place in Antarctica, as you can see that Kate’s nipples are hard. Obviously, only a -50 degrees cold can bring about an erect nipple from the absolute hotness that is Kate Upton!

kate upton hard nipple

Kate Upton nipple slip (SI 2013)

Now, who said lightning doesn’t strike twice. Kate Upton is again on the cover of SI swimsuit edition.

I don’t know how no one spotted it (I bet they all did) but the editors at SI let this nipple slip slide!

Kate Upton nipple slip SI 2013

Kate Upton see-through nipples

Kate Upton has been teasing us mercilessly for well over an year now. Another transparent top for GQ.

She’s still waiting for a topless offer that exceeds a million. In the meantime, she would do almost anything BUT remove her top to show off her magnificent breasts.

kate upton see-through nipples