Natasha Henstridge topless

Natasha Henstridge starred in the Species series where she plays the alien. I do remember being impressed with her … acting talent.

Now that the movie is out in amazing HD, you’ll be impressed even more with her pink nipples!

Esme Bianco nipples

Esme Bianco starred in burlesque shows before she made it into a horror film. If you are a fan of her breasts, you might want to rent Chemical Wedding, there’s plenty more where these came from.

Avril Lavigne nipple slip

Avril Lavigne is spending some quality time with her man on a yacht in Saint Tropez. Avril Lavigne is no stranger to nipple slips, although with breasts this small it takes a real effort to get them nipples out!

Mollie King nipple slip

Mollie King is exiting ITV studios in London while her nipple is entering… the limelight.

Mollie is a part of a new all-girl group like the Spice Girls, or so I heard. Anyway, that means her nipples are public property. Just ask another member of the band – Frankie Sandford!

Ilary Blasi topless

Ilary Blasi is an Italian TV show hostess and model who loves the natural, no-makeup look. It was only yesterday that we marveled at Nora Arnezeder strolling topless on the beach.

Now, it’s the Italians that take their exhibitionism title back from the French. Way to go Ilari!

Nora Arnezeder topless

Nora Arnezeder is a young, French actress and singer. Now, that’s some redundant information.

Nora’s obviously young. Also, she’s obviously French, she’s so uninhibited she’s strolling the Spanish beaches topless!