Jennifer Lawrence see-through nipples

Another sexy cover for Jennifer Lawrence, this time for Rolling Stone magazine.

J-Law went for a white, semi-transparent top and forgot her bra at home. (Un)fortunately, her nipples are a bit on the pink side, so you can barely make her areolas.

Jennifer Lawrence see-through nipple

Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip

Jennifer Lawrence is on the cover of Interview magazine and what’s a cover without a nipple these days?

Jennifer Lawrence is now an Oscar-winning actress (for Silver Linings Playbook), so she could finally let her guard down and accept some less serious roles with plenty of nudity.

Jennifer Lawrence nipple slip

Kate Upton nip slip

Kate Upton is posing in her big breasts in bikini again but who could blame her. This is the thing that sells magazines!

Thanks to gravity, we get a tasty little nip slip from Kate. Strange, I’ve always thought her nipples will be on the pink side and perhaps smaller.

kate uptons nip slip

Mariah Carey nipple slip

Mariah Carey is such a diva, she doesn’t need to play the attention whore game.

Yet, she hasn’t had a hit since… 1999? So a little bitty nipple slip is a welcome boost to popularity.

Mariah Carey nipple slip

Rachel Reilly nipple slip

Big Brother is an amazing show for voyeurs everywhere!

Check out Rachel Reilly’s nipple slip as she’s adjusting her microphone in the kitchen. Now this one big nipple indeed!

Rachel Reilly nipple slip

Kristen Stewart nipple slip 2013

Kristen Stewart has just been voted as the least sexy actress by British men. Surprised?

At least, Kristen Stewart is making an effort to show off her feminine side in this shy nipple slip! British men should appreciate puffy pink nipples, no?

kristen stewart nipple slip 2013