Beyonce nipple slip @ SuperBowl 2013

Beyonce is known for her provocative dance routines, so when she stole the spot at the half-time show at SuperBowl 2013, the gossip experts were lined up to study her moves in slow motion.

They were not disappointed as a nipple did slip as this video illustrates:

Update: observant viewers are pointing out she’s wearing a plastic protector like Megan Fox in her topless shoot.

LeAnn Rimes nipple slip

LeAnn Rimes has spent a fortune on fitness trainers, so she likes to show off her sculpted body.

This time LeAnn decided to show off her perky breasts, which for some reason come with subtle stretch marks.

leann rimes nipple slip

leann rimes nipple slip close up

Kate Upton see-through nipples

Kate Upton has been teasing us mercilessly for well over an year now. Another transparent top for GQ.

She’s still waiting for a topless offer that exceeds a million. In the meantime, she would do almost anything BUT remove her top to show off her magnificent breasts.

kate upton see-through nipples

Kate Upton see-through nipples

Kate Upton has made it to stardom thanks to her Sports Illustrated photo shoot.

Here’s Kate Upton in a transparent top for the so-called Philippines photoshoot.

Update: Melanie Lynskey‘s asymmetric boobs are quite a hit.

Rihanna nipple slip

Rihanna is on vacation in Hawaii and what’s a vacation like if you don’t go for at least an innocent nipple slip.

The interesting bit here is that Rihanna actually shared the photo herself. I guess she wants to be accepted as a serious nipple slipper and not some amateur who relies on casual shots by strangers.

Holly Valance see-through nipples

Holly Valance was quite a sensation with her remake of a famous Turkish song.

Now we understand it wasn’t the music so much as Holly’s hot body and her exquisite breasts!